Sitemap - 2022 - Aymenn’s Monstrous Publications

Life on the Frontlines: Account of a Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Fighter

Islamic State Editorial on New Speech by Spokesman Abu Omar al-Muhajir: Translation and Analysis

A Sermon by Adémar de Chabannes on Famine in 11th-Century France: Translation and Overview

Iraq's Political Crisis: Interview with Aws al-Khafaji

The Life of Baha Hamid al-Hayali: Iraqi Veteran of the War in Syria

The Operations Room of Independent Battalions: Interview

Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's Security Apparatus on Arresting Killers of Turki Bayas

The Life of Turki Bayas of Kaftin in Jabal al-Summaq

Disillusionment with Turkey in Northern Syria: Interview

A Message to Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham and Abu Muhammad al-Jowlani from Abd al-Majeed Sharif of Jabal al-Summaq

An IDP in al-Fu'a: Interview

Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's Abu Abdullah al-Shami on the Death of Ayman al-Zawahiri

The Life of Hikmat Haddad of Kukku in Jabal al-Summaq

The Islamic State in the 'Badiya' region of Syria: Interview with the Group's Military Official

Discrimination Against Syrians in the Resistance Axis: A Message to Hassan Nasrallah

Archive: The 'Martyrs' of the National Ideological Resistance

The Ansar Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Squadron: Profile by Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's General Security Apparatus

The Situation in Northwest Syria: Interview with Abdussamed Dagül

Old Arabic Media Coverage of the 1947-1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine: Article in al-Masry

Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada's 'Dhimmi' Pact for the Jews of Toledo (1219)

The Life of Farid Fu'ad Mustafa: The 'Scorpion' of Hadr Assassinated by Israel

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria: State of Emergency Declaration

Arab Sa'id Revisited (Again)

The 'Albanian Tactical' Guide to Military Training

The Curious Case of Maria Bell

Islamic State Operations in Mozambique Infographic: Overview and Analysis

Interview with Abu Kamil Saleh Hasan of Jabal al-Summaq: An Open Message to Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham

Perspectives on Northwest Syria: Interview with a Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Fighter

"Africa is a Land of Hijra and Jihad": Editorial in Islamic State's al-Naba' Newsletter

The Forged Chronicle of Bishop Maximus of Zaragoza: Translation and Overview

Iraq's Head of Counter-Terrorism Service on Coordination with Kurdistan Region

The Chronicle of John of Biclaro: Translation and Commentary

Abu Muhammad al-Jowlani's Meeting with Notables of Jabal al-Summaq

Guest Post: The New Well in Qalb Lawze

Old Guide to Mosul for Visitors (1956, Iraq's Directorate General of Antiquities)

The Clashes Between the Sinjar Resistance Units and the Iraqi Army: Interview

The Military Structure of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham

The Islamic State's "Revenge Raid for the Two Sheikhs": Infographic and Translation

The Baniyas Massacres Nine Years On

"Dissertation Concerning the Thaddaeitan Kurds"- A Chaldean Bishop's Account of the Yezidis

Perspectives on Northwest Syria: Interview with 'Sayyaf al-Shami'

Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's Abu Abdullah al-Shami on Wala' and Bara'

The "Vita Mahometi" of the Uncastillo Manuscript: Translation and Overview

The Islamic State's Use of History: The Case of a New Infographic on Historical Battles

Petrus Alphonsi's Portrayal of Islam in 'Dialogue Against the Jews'

"Concerning the Character of Muhammad"- Essay by Swedish Orientalist Matthias Norberg

"Dissertation on the Druze"- 19th Century Essay by Swedish Orientalist Matthias Norberg

Islamic State Editorial on Israel Attacks

Archive: The 'Martyrs' of the 'Harakat Muhajireen Ahl Sunnat Iran' in Syria

Islamic State Report on its 'Wilayat al-Sahel' and Fighting with the Malian Army and the Mouvement Pour Le Salut De L'Azawad

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi on the Taliban and Relations with Foreign Powers

11 Years of the Syrian War: A Kyrgyz Muhajir's Perspective

11 Years of the Syrian War: A German Muhajir's Perspective

"On the Path of the First Rightly-Guided Ones"- Islamic State Editorial on the New Caliph and Allegiance Pledge

Excerpts from Bashar al-Assad's Speech on Teacher's Day

“Concerning the Sect of Machomet”: An Outstanding Medieval Latin Refutation of Islam?

Katibat al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad Statement on U.S. Terrorism Designation

The Islamic State's Appointment of a New 'Caliph' (Old English Version)

Islamic State Announces Death of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi and Appointment of New 'Caliph'

Recruitment in Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's "General Security Apparatus"

Islamic State Claims Suicide Bombing in Pakistan

Islamic State Editorial on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Guest Post: "The Impact of the Ukrainian War on the Islamic Ummah"

Reactions from Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's Figures and Supporters to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

The Syrian Council of Ministers' Measures in Response to the Ukraine Crisis

The Current Situation in Qalb Lawze: Interview

Syria's Prime Minister on Subsidy Reforms

The Renewed Protests in al-Suwayda': Interview

Islamic State Editorial on Media and the Masses

The Brother of the Deceased Islamic State Leader and Iraqi Turkmen Activism: Historical Documents

Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's Abu Mariya al-Qahtani on the Killing of Islamic State Leader

The Life of 'Abu Rawaha al-Ansari' of the Islamic State's 'Sinai Province'

Jaysh al-Izza Statement on Prisoner Swap with Syrian Government

Islamic State Report on the Ghweiran Prison Battle in al-Naba'

Islamic State Editorial on Ghweiran Prison Battle

The People's Municipal Office in al-Baghuz: Interview

Guest Post: Qalb Lawze and Water Scarcity

Pamphlet on Projects in Diyala in the Abd al-Karim Qasim Era (1960-1961)

Islamic State Report on Ongoing Battles at Ghweiran Prison

The Islamic State Prison-Break in Hasakah City: Live Interview

Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Video on the Stages of Military Recruitment